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Photo + Video

De Los, Los Angeles Times

The Ecuadorean sport ecuavoley can be found in almost every borough across New York City. As Ecuadoreans continue to integrate this pastime to their lives in New York, they are transmitting a unique cultural identity and creating community in a city that often sees them as invisible.

Futuro Media, Latino Rebels

Thousands of workers walked out in Los Angeles this summer partaking in the largest hotel strike California has seen to date. The workers demand a fair and liveable wage, as Los Angeles prepares to host major world events like the 2026 World Cup and the 2028 Olympics.

El Deadline, NY City News Service

Latina nannies in New York have mobilized across the city to demand better labor standards in the domestic work industry. Organizations like Carroll Gardens Nanny Association (CGNA) and Nannies Latinas of NY (Nalany) host workshops and trainings to educate workers on their rights.

Studio + concert photography

Different studio examples and concerts shot throughout the years. This includes both published and unpublished work.

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